About Us


Healthy Heart Clinics of America’s corporate offices are based downtown Lafayette, Louisiana. Our goal is to provide top-rated cardiovascular care with a vast range of medical services. Treating our patients as individuals is an essential component of handling their cardiovascular conditions. We are committed to providing medical services and solutions that are specifically designed to serve the everyday health of the patient. We recognize the importance of offering each patient a personalized care experience that is structured around his or her goals and objectives.

Healthy Heart Clinics provide cardiovascular outpatient medical services, including regular office visits, preventative testing, diagnostic testing, and 24/7 patient monitoring services. Our unique and genuine approach allows us to redefine care and take it to an entirely new level; a level that allows patients to choose and make decisions for the betterment of their health. Allowing the patient to make critical decisions enables us to focus on ensuring the best overall care for our patients while giving piece of mind through the integration of innovative technology.

Our clinic focuses on hiring the future providers of medicine, Nurse Practitioners certified in Remote Heart Management, in outpatient clinics. Our program lets the patient take health matters into their own hands. Advancing to a level that can significantly change your Quality of Life.


Healthy Heart Clinics’ team consist of passionate and experienced Providers, Medical Staff and Management who are adept at preventative cardiovascular, healthcare services, and clinic operations. Our goal is to provide personalized care specific to the patient’s need in a comfortable environment that ensures the enhancement of patients’ Quality of Life.

Our providers utilize the latest in medical treatments and technology in order to exceed the needs of the patients we serve. We urge you to stop by and meet the Healthy Heart Team of professionals behind our Clinics’ success.


Healthy Heart Clinics mission is to provide comprehensive care to all our patients using the latest in medical and healthcare technology and evidence-based research. It is our duty to achieve optimal patient outcomes that greatly improve the Quality of Life for the patients we serve.

Healthy Heart Clinics serves individuals, families and communities. We consider it our duty to offer cost-effective and quality solutions that help our patients overcome the struggles of their health and medical conditions.

  • We are committed to improving the Quality of Life of those we serve.
  • We are dedicated to providing a complete range of health and medical services that specifically cater to the needs of individual patients.
  • We believe in teaching and educating patients and families, allowing them to take matters of their health into their own hands.