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What is a physical exam?


A physical exam determines your overall health. There are different types of physical exams including: sports physicals, pre-employment or work physicals, DOT physicals, and annual physicals. Each physical serves a different purpose but most physicals cover the basic components of examining your family history, examining your past or present injuries or illnesses, and a physical exam. Annual physical exams differ according to your age category and what screenings are necessary for your stage of life. 

What’s the purpose of an annual physical exam 

If you are experiencing symptoms, an annual physical will connect the symptoms you are feeling with a physical finding. Your provider will be able to develop your care plan and help you achieve and/or maintain your health. An annual physical will give you conclusive information about your health. Annual physicals are also a vital preventative measure in detecting early signs of diseases and illnesses before they become a problem.  

What physicals do we offer?  

Sports Physical: Typically, sports programs require athletes to pass a sports physical to be able to participate in the season. A sports physical examines your medical history, overall health, and gives advice for injury prevention.  

Work/Pre-employment Physical Exam: Your employer or potential employer can require a work physical to ensure you are suitable for the job.  

DOT physicals:  Department of Transportation physical exams are required if you are seeking a license to drive commercial vehicles. This physical is valid for up to 24 months and determines if you are physically and emotionally fit to handle intense and physically demanding situations. Visit out Senioa, GA location for DOT physical exams.  

Annual physicals: Getting an annual physical exam once a year is vital to your health. An annual physical includes an examination of your family history, a physical exam appropriate to your age category, and any other health screenings depending on your health needs. 


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