Sports Physicals

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What is a sports physical?

There are two main components to a physical exam or PPE (preparticipation physical exam), medical history and a physical examination.  

Medical history: Medical history questions usually happen on paper. The medical history form usually includes questions about past injuries and hospital visits. It will also ask about past medical problems and illnesses that you have such allergies, asthma, diabetes, COVID-19, and whether you have passed out, felt dizzy, had pain in your chest, or had trouble breathing during physical activity. It will also inquire about any medications you are taking.  

Physical Examination: Usually in a physical exam, your provider will… 

  • Check your blood pressure and pulse 
  • Record your height and weight 
  • Check your heart and lungs 
  • Examine your muscles, bones, and joints 
  • Test your vision 

Why do I need a sports physical? Why is it important?

Sports physicals, or PPEs (Preparticipation Physical Examination) are done to ensure you are in good health. Many sports programs require athletes to pass a sports physical to participate in the season. A sports physical will detect any health conditions you may have. It will also detect any injuries you have. The provider will also be able to talk with you about injury prevention. If you have any health problems that can interfere with your sports performance or increase in chance in getting hurt, the physical can help detect and deal with those health problems. For example, if you have asthma and have frequent asthma attacks the provider can adjust your medications so you can breathe easier when doing sports.  

Do I still have to get my annual wellness visit?  

Yes, you still need to have your annual wellness visit. However, you can schedule to have both done in the same visit 

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