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At Healthy Heart Clinics of Carencro, we are on a mission to make sure that every person has access to quality health care. We offer a variety of services including primary care, preventive services, wellness, and weight loss. Our team is comprised of experienced primary care providers, nurses, and physicians dedicated to helping our patients reach optimum health.

Our online directory makes it easy for you to find the right provider for your needs, whether that is a primary care doctor or an advanced practice provider such as a nurse practitioner. When you select one of our providers, you have access to a network of healthcare professionals, including clinical specialists and wellness coaches, as well as hundreds of sites of care.

At our primary care clinic in Carencro, we offer a wide variety of acute and chronic health services, including medical management, diagnostic tests, well-being exams, and physicals. Our highly trained providers are dedicated to meeting the unique health care needs of every member of your family. With our holistic approach to primary care, we strive to keep care as close to peoples homes and workspaces as possible, as well as being a first-stop on a continuum of care. Primary care is the first point of contact for individuals, families, and communities with the health system, brings health as close as possible to peoples homes and workplaces, and is the first element of a continuous healthcare delivery process.

When you select one of our providers from Healthy Heart, you gain access to our network of physicians, nurse practitioners, hundreds of sites of care, clinical specialists, and our team of wellness coaches. Our primary care clinic in Carencro offers a range of acute and chronic services, featuring highly trained providers, including management care, diagnostic tests, wellness exams, physicals, and more.

Lauren Sullivan

Nurse Practitioner of HHCA – Carencro

Welcome, Lauren Sullivan, a nurse practitioner in Carencro. Lauren is devoted to helping patients in her community with their primary and well-being needs.

“At our clinic, we focus on providing customized healthcare for the Carencro community, five days a week. As a family practice provider, we provide comprehensive health care for individuals and families of all ages and backgrounds, no matter their gender and no matter their medical condition. At the Healthy Heart Clinic in Carencro, we provide primary care services focused on health promotion, disease prevention, and maintaining general well-being.

Carencro Primary Care Clinic nurse practitioner

Our team of experts is experienced at diagnosing and treating a wide variety of health conditions, providing both preventive and acute care. Our practice serves adults, with an emphasis on preventive medicine, offering services like yearly exams, as well as management of more serious conditions. We are committed to helping our patients reach optimum health and providing high-quality care at an affordable price. For the last three years, our primary care medical center, Carencro, has provided integrated healthcare services across various health specialties for patients throughout our community. Our team is dedicated to providing customized care tailored to the unique needs of every patient.

Whether you are a new patient or returning, you can expect skilled care, patient education, and support in maximizing the benefits of your medications. At Healthy Heart Clinics of America, we strive to deliver healthcare services and solutions designed to address our patients everyday needs. We believe in providing all individuals with equal access to quality healthcare, regardless of race or ethnicity. Our Provider, Lauren, is passionate about preventive care and is dedicated to providing every patient the knowledge and tools needed to take control of their own health. She believes by helping her patients maintain good health, she is able to support them to reach their goals, remain enrolled in school and work, and be an active part of their communities.

If you are trying to schedule an appointment today click make an appointment or if you are trying to find our office our location is 728 Veterans Drive Carencro Louisiana 70520.

Our Services

By treating the complete person rather than simply a particular illness process or bodily system, we hope to simplify the process in a system of health care that is becoming more and more complex.

  • Adult annual physicals
  • Pediatric and adolescent care
  • Preventative health screenings
  • Sports physicals
  • Outpatient lab and x-ray services
  • Immunizations
  • Management of chronic diseases
  • Care for acute conditions

Innovation in
Primary Care

Each patient deserves the highest quality of care. Creating a personalized care program tailored to each patient’s unique conditions, needs and circumstances can help people regain control and maintain optimum health.