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It is time a new standard for healthcare is met. Going to your provider can be a bore. But what if you know your numbers? You know your social security and bank account numbers, but what about your health score?


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What is an Annual Wellness Visit?

An Annual Wellness Visit or AWV is the opportunity to sit with someone from your health care team to discuss preventative health and wellness. AWV’s help you and your providers to assess your healthcare needs and implement a care plan as needed

Healthy Heart Annual Wellness Visit

Benefits of an Annual Wellness Visit

Ask Your Doctor Anything
A wellness exam is perfect for having an uninterrupted discussion with your doctor. Have you observed any new health issues recently? How about your eating or sleeping habits?
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Update Your Health Records
Your personal health record, which includes your family’s health history, will be updated to take into account any changes since your last visit and the results of your screening tests.
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Refer You To Specialists
Your doctor may detect certain changes that could indicate an underlying health condition or potential chronic illness in its early stages. Specialists may be needed for more tests.
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Correct Any Unhealthy Habits
Does your diet have a good mix of fruits and vegetables? How are you staying active? How can you improve your eating habits? How are your stress levels? Are you getting restful sleep?
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Develop a Care Plan
After a thorough health risk assessment and armed with the information from your tests, your doctor can now paint a clearer picture of how you can realistically achieve your wellness goals.
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Manage Chronic Conditions
Your doctor can also teach you how to better manage chronic conditions like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and hypertension. We aim to improve your quality of life through guidance, medication adjustments, and treatment recommendations.
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So...Why Us?

AWV’s are a yearly exam that allows us to gather proper information about your health. This simple visit to your primary care provider allows you to take greater control of your health and eventually improve your quality of life.

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Managing your care

Each patient deserves the highest quality of care. Creating a personalized care program tailored to each patient’s unique conditions, needs and circumstances can help people regain control and maintain optimum health.