What to Expect at Your First Primary Care Visit 

What to Expect at Your First Primary Care Visit 

Whether you are preparing for your first primary care visit at one of our clinic locations or have never had a primary care provider, your first visit to a new office can be a little nerve-wracking. Not knowing what to expect during your initial visit to a new provider’s office can spark some anxiety. However, it is important to have a primary care provider, so don’t put off going to the doctor! Instead, we hope that through this article, you will be at ease knowing what your initial visit entails. In this article, we are highlighting what typically happens at your first primary care visit. 

Family and Personal Medical History  

Family medical history:  

Typically, one of the first things you complete at your first primary care visit is a medical history questionnaire. The questionnaire will ask about your family’s medical history pertaining to diseases, illnesses, or other medical conditions that may run in your family. Examples of medical conditions can include Diabetes, any type of cancer, heart disease, etc.  

It is important to complete this section with as much accuracy as possible because it can help determine when you need age-appropriate health screenings. For example, if you have a family history of colon cancer, you may need early screenings due to your family history. In short, it is important for your provider to know your family medical history so they are aware of any diseases or illnesses that you are at higher risk of developing. 

Personal medical history:  

Not only is your family medical history important to fill out, but so is your personal medical history. You will document any diseases, illnesses, surgical procedures, treatments, and medications you have been prescribed. You’ll also document any allergies and daily medications you take. Remember to include vitamins, supplements, and any OTC (over-the-counter) medications. You will also indicate any lifestyle habits you have involving tobacco use, alcohol use, or possible recreational drug use. Overall, your personal medical history is vital for providers to understand your health so they can provide the highest quality of care. 

Baseline Data and Testing 

Typically, a nurse or technician will collect your baseline data. This will include taking your vital signs which include your blood pressure, pulse rate, and respiratory rate. They will also log your weight and height. Basic lab tests may be completed depending on if you are presenting any symptoms indicating health issues. 

At Healthy Heart Clinics, we also offer a Genetic Test, if desired, that gives you an in-depth look into your health indicators and shows your risk level of diseases and illnesses seen through your genetic health history. We also complete a Risk Assessment if someone is showing they are at risk of health issues or a health decline. If you are looking for a primary care provider, book an appointment at one of our locations.

Patient Care Plan 

After your baseline data and testing have been gathered, you and the provider can talk about your past and present health goals. This is especially important if you have any ongoing illnesses or chronic health conditions and need chronic care management. In this appointment, you will also be able to ask any questions you have about your health and share any worries you have.  

The goal of your appointment is for you and your provider to create a personalized care plan that meets your health goals. The results of your baseline data and tests will also help determine your health goals in your personalized care plan. For example, if your blood pressure is high your provider will be able to advise you on how to treat your high blood pressure through lifestyle changes or through a medication treatment if necessary.  

Bottom Line 

Your first primary care visit is about your provider understanding your current and past health history as well as building your health goals with you. Your primary care provider is someone who is knowledgeable about your health and is a trusted, reliable source for your health needs. Your first primary care visit is your first step to building a long-standing relationship with your primary care provider, an invaluable component of your health journey. 

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Written by the Healthy Heart Clinics’ editorial staff and reviewed by medical experts and advisors. These items are provided solely for informational purposes and are not intended as a substitute for consultation with a medical professional. Patients with any specific questions about their individual health should consult their physician.

Written by Saragrace Keelin

Medically reviewed by Dr. Robert Tassin


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